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What sort of a world do we live on? What might other worlds be like "out there"? I am a planetary modeller who loves exploring these questions, so I have consulted earth scientists, SF authors and worldbuilders, modelled prehistoric Earths and alien worlds shown on television, and travelled the canyons of America and the deserts and jungles of Africa.

The planetary models I have built include Lower Cretaceous Earth shown on the recent BBC2 TV documentary "Live from Dinosaur Island." Also Terraformed Mars for the Chicago Planetarium, "Helliconia" for author Brian Aldiss, and "Epona" for a US Worldbuilding group featured on "The Natural History of an Alien." I have produced other models for BBC weather maps, television documentaries, photolibraries, a BA inflight magazine and the Peters Atlas. My travels include two coast to coast crossings of the USA, two Sahara desert expeditions and a crossing of Africa.

Additionally I love landscape photography and montage work, and have a selection of pictures on this website too.

I run Worldbuilding workshops too, in order to give people a basic "feel" for the natural world and a chance for them to use their natural curiosity to explore the world they might like to find in another solar system.

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